Your Newborn Experience

Life is in the details. Your precious newborn and your entire experience is my number one priority. Kindly let me know a little more about you and your family so that I can have a better understanding of what you desire from our upcoming time together.  

Sometimes this may be totally random and I’ll find that you have a killer kitchen and we’ll take some shots there, but typically I ask that you go ahead and choose 2-3 areas or rooms in your home that you want to use and think will work for photos. (Common areas we use are the family room, parents’ bedroom or nursery.)

This set-up will need a space around 8ft by 8ft.

I may not need to use a pacifier at all, but as a calming device it can be useful if baby is a little fussy in between poses during the session, this can be a good asset.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot promise to get any specific shots during your session. Why? Because life is unpredictable! Babies cry and fuss, they get cold and hungry and life happens! However, I still promise to make EVERY effort to do what I can if you have any special requests!